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Classic Binary Options

A binary option is also known as digital or fixed return option where the payout is a pre-set or fixed amount and is predetermined. You receive a fixed amount of cash if the option expires in-the-money, regardless of how much the price of the underlying asset moves by and at the same time you get a pre-set. However you lose the majority of your investment when the option expires out-of-the-money and you get payout which was fixed when you bought certain option.

In order to execute a trade, do the following:

  • Select the asset you would like to trade
  • Select the expire time for the option
  • Click on “CALL” or “PUT” based on the forecast of price movement (up or down)
  • Type the investment amount in the small pop-up window that appears and check all terms of the option
  • Click the “APPLY” button

Note: you have 3 seconds to cancel the trade if you did a mistake.

Long term

Long term trading method gives trader the ability to open positions until the end of the current year.

Long term option is a good way to versify your investment portfolio by mixing long term and short term positions.

With the long term method you can enjoy the longest expiry in the industry.

60 seconds

60 seconds binary option offers a unique tool of the quickest trades! This option lasts only 60 seconds! This instrument is ideal for traders who like “scalping” and opportunity of fast rewards during sudden market movements!

In order to execute a trade, do the following:

  • Select the asset you would like to trade
  • Select the investment amount
  • Click on “CALL” or “PUT” based on the forecast of price movement (Up or Down)
  • Click the “START” button

* Note: 60 seconds options are not available 15 mins before and after important news published.

One touch

The One Touch offers you the ability to earn up to 600% in return per a single trade! This option has a predefined rate, asset and expiry time. In order to profit from this option, the price of the option should touch or pass over the per-determined goal price at least once at 17:00 GMT in the trading days that come after till the expiration of the option. The results of One Touch option will be checked each Friday at 17:10 GMT, if the per-determined goal has been met, the payouts will be delivered. You have up to 5 days and 5 chances to win!

For example, you bought One Touch option during the weekend, then, the system will start to collect the 17:00GMT rates from Monday until the expiration on Friday. On Friday at 17:10GMT, the system will analyze the prices it collected throughout the week and if in one of the trading days the goal has been met, the option will expire as a “Won” and the payout will be delivered. If the goal price was not reached at least once your options will be lost with 0% payout.

This option is available every day from 06:00 GMT until 13:00GMT and at the weekend on a weekly base.

In order to execute a trade, do the following:

  • Chose the option you want to buy from the suggested list based on your choice of asset, price, direction “CALL” or “PUT” and expiry time
  • Select the number of units which equals to the investment amount. One unit equals $25
  • Click the “APPLY” button
  • If you want to purchase more units, select the “BUY MORE” button
  • Pay attention that you don’t have 3 seconds for cancellation of position


With the Ladder, traders can choose from five different target expiry prices that are constant per asset. The Payouts are dynamically changing.

Trader can pick and choose his desired target expiry price, time, investment and whether the price of the asset will rise or fall by expiry time.

Ladder has relatively high payouts for short term trades.

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Trading binary options involve a high level of risk. Full Risk Disclaimer

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